Contextual Genomics is a global cancer care company. We are creating innovative systems to digitize cancer and lead the way for transformative practices.
What we do

The current approach to cancer medicine is fragmented and is in need of distribution models and smart tools that allow for real time global access and exchange of insights and learning. We deliver solutions that harness large data sets of clinical, imaging, and genomic cancer data so that every learning from every patient is extracted for the benefit of all.

Data driven medicine is part of the new transformative paradigm often called BIG DATA that is currently revolutionizing medicine practices and approaches. We are tackling the challenge of translating genomic cancer data into useful medical information.

Our data
Aggregating & detecting
patterns in large data.

By providing bioinformatics, reporting, product development and computational systems to harness, structure and analyze large-scale data, we are leading the way towards building a 360 degree view of cancer.

Our Method
Analyzing & interpreting
new biological datasets.

Our data collection is done through medically necessary tests, distributed across global locations. Our “white label” test is designed and distributed to be deployed on site by local partner facilities.

Your Value
Integrating information in
research & clinical care.

Integrating our information in research & clinical care allows molecular diagnosis information to be used where and when it is most needed— for pharmaceutical applications, clinical trials, research activities and disease management.

Why are we doing this

We believe that
cancer is a chronic
manageable disease

Cancer is a disease of the genome and develops through acquisition of mutations in otherwise normal cells. The detection of mutations across the genomes of cancer cells pinpoints targeted treatment options for patients. We are treating cancer as a chronic disease— this requires iterative quantitative assessment of genomic state and the dynamic cancer process.